Solo Woman

Independent travel teaches a writer to embrace feminism

Thank You, Mrs. Morris

How one teacher inspired many students, including her own daughter

The Opposite of Jealousy

A reflection on coincidence and change in a friendship

Free of Time and Age

A fascination with Betty White created the mold for an unlikely friendship

The Great Gun Debate

In the South, gun culture often clashes with calls for gun regulation, but there's one man who walks the line

A Skylight for Missy

A farm in Graham, North Carolina becomes home for a formerly incarcerated woman

One Husband and One Roommate

A UNC student maintains purpose and independence in her Army marriage

Millennials, Step Up

Column: Social movements depend on college students to take action

Love Letters to Greensboro

A photo story: a former thrift shop fuels Greensboro's art scene

A Contradictory Candidate

A young Democrat in Person County sticks to his beliefs even at the cost of an election

The Wayfarer

A UNC alumnus covers more than half the distance of the equator by foot in less than four years

House Bill Two, More Than Just the Bathroom Bill

After the Trials

A UNC diver with Olympic hopes leans on her faith and looks to 2020

Their Number One Fan

Amid job and funding cuts for North Carolina teachers, one UNC graduate remains passionate

What's in Your Coffee Fix?

The Gymtimidation Factor

Women in the weight room break out of their comfort zones and find confidence

A Light in Our Backyards

Column: The killing of a black man in Charlotte was a wake-up call for some

Living by the Landfill

A photo story

A Winner from Birth

From family translator to first-generation college aspriations

Traversing the Wall

How rock climbing is growing in popularity at UNC-Chapel Hill

Unlocking 3D Printing

How students can use 3D printers on campus

Looking forward to 2016-17

Introducing Synapse's new editor and platform

When Concussion Casts a Shadow

Some student-athletes recovering from head injuries fear stigma

From Ehringhaus to Cat’s Cradle

A student musician’s journey in Chapel Hill

Exploring Black Twitter

Social media communities catch the attention of researchers

Sounds in the Stratosphere

A UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student researches whether civilization’s sounds heat the atmosphere

When Numbers Trigger

Calorie counts in dining halls may not consider student eating disorders

Tires and Tacos

The national movement of food trucks and Carrboro’s own particular breed

Personal Art, Public Activism

Where arts and activism intersect in Chapel Hill, offering healing spaces

Behind the Podcast

The history of podcasts and their popularity

College Football Crazy

UNC football didn’t always live in the shadow of basketball

He Never Told

A gay veteran who served during “don’t ask, don’t tell” still struggles with opening up

Still Seeking Answers

Column: One year after the Wainstein report, where is the University now?

A Tale of Two Colberts

Column: Watch “The Late Show” with Oreos

A Hand on Her Knee

Studying abroad increases students’ risk of sexual assault, leaving one UNC student with fallout at home

Roots of History

How a man protects UNC’s trees, guardians of the Carolina experience

Outdated Paper Waste

Graphic: Limited funds keep the N.C. Court System using outdated technology and wasting paper

Learning in Two Languages

An historic Chapel Hill elementary school explores what could represent the future of education in the U.S.

Home Cooked

How the story of a restaurant parallels the story of a life

Game Face

Student-athletes learn to care for every part of the body, but the mind is often overlooked

Closing the Achievement Gap

After a turbulent year, the UNC-system is wondering what's next

Sister South, Principal

Navigating the halls of a Southern Catholic school as a non-Catholic student

Franklin Street: Then and Now

A look at how the landmark has changed over the years.

My Hometown is Famous for Coleslaw Wrestling

One writer's journey to the heart of coleslaw wrestling, and how it taught him about where he grew up


What goes through a runner's mind in 26.2 miles


How Alzheimer's damages a mind, but not a memory

Guardians of the Forest

How a tiny bug is destroying millions of acres of our forests

On Being One Community

Rewriting the Code

How the gender disparity in computer science represents a larger trend in a growing industry

An Overlooked History

African American studies was born from the struggles of black students and staff on campus in the 1960s

Board of Governors Breakdown

The Board of Governors and their donations during the 2014 election

'Bustin' the Envelope'

How Jay Smith, 65 and still running, defies time and age

Pushing the Limit

Some feel slighted by a tuition policy that encourages students to get a degree in eight semesters

The Story of a Startup

How UNC has become a launchpad for student innovators

In Transition

For many student veterans, a new battle begins after arriving on campus

Undocumented but Undaunted

In the college town where they grew up, young Hispanic immigrants come together to find opportunity and community.

The Advance of a Legend

A chronicle of the shifting fencing world through one man’s memory

RUN GIO 2012

An oral history of Giovani Bernard’s punt return against N.C. State

Homeless and Need Your Help Thank You

Lee Jones is 55, a wine connoisseur, a pot smoker, self-contradictory and homeless. It’s this last one that defines him.

The College Catch-22

When it comes to handling students whose behavior is self-threatening, universities are forced to make tough calls. How much intervention is too much?

The Chilling Effect

Why UNC can't clear one of the last hurdles to campus sustainability

Teach for North Carolina

How UNC fuels the TFA pipeline and what that says about education

'Distressed, but not in despair'

After two years of Faith Hedgepeth’s murder going unsolved, fresh grief lingers among her family and friends.

A Homeless Man with a Place to Live

A story of escaping homelessness but remaining trapped

The Little Church That Could

In the midst of student living, one Northside church fights to keep a separate, struggling community on its feet

A Basketball Player, the KKK and a Rally No One's Ever Heard Of

The Strange Tale of Patrick Ewing's Recruitment to UNC

In the Shadow of the Sealings

Information related to UNC student Faith Hedgepeth's 2012 murder remains sealed by court order

His Own Hike

An 18-year-old puts school on hold to find education in a 2,000-mile wilderness.

Depression in the Southern Part of Heaven

A Tall Order

New to the University, Chancellor Carol Folt already has a lengthy to-do list

King of a Small Empire

The Cost of a Scandal