Chapter 5

An Uncertain Future

Three weeks after the election, just as the last of the campaign signs disappeared from front yards and busy intersections, a federal court ordered North Carolina to hold a special election in 2017. Legislators just elected, including Yarborough, will serve one year terms until the 2017 election.

The court decision was based on a ruling in August that deemed nine state Senate and 19 state House districts unconstitutional for racial gerrymandering. Legislators have until March 15 to redraw district lines.

“I think it’s ridiculous to expect us to have another election,” he said. “I believe the voter turnout will be so low, I will be able to meet every voter and ask for their vote.”

Yarborough is unsure of how much of a role he will play in redrawing the district lines, but he expects the lines around Person and Granville counties will not change much. After serving his one-year term in the House, Yarborough plans to run for office again.

As Yarborough’s campaign trail continues, Parrish has come to the end of his for now. He does not plan to run for state House again in Person County, but plans to get involved in the Orange County Democratic Party.

“It’s hard to say what might happen until the districts are redrawn,” he said. “Everything is up in the air.”