Board of Governors Breakdown

Last month, UNC-system President Tom Ross abruptly announced his resignation. The reasons why remain unclear. Rumors circulated — Ross was too far left for the Republican majority board; members were clearing the way for Art Pope, former budget director for Gov. Pat McCrory, to take the lead — yet no definitive answer surfaced.

At a press conference that same day, BOG Chairman John Fennebresque was adamant that Ross’ ousting had nothing to do with politics, his age or job performance.

Ross, a registered Democrat, was hired five years ago by a board appointed largely by Democrats in the state House and Senate. Now, nearly all of the current BOG members are Republicans appointed by Republican majorities.

A close look at the campaign contributions of BOG members provides clear evidence of the contrast in political affiliations between Ross and the board.

Graphic by Carolyn Bahar. Information gathered from