Looking forward to 2017-18

Dear readers,

It’s difficult to say goodbye to you as our publication year comes to an end. Thank you, readers, for staying with us as we stretched beyond Chapel Hill to bring you stories about the growing art scene in Greensboro and Joe Parrish’s campaign journey in Person County as a controversial candidate. I’ve never been more inspired by a group of storytellers than this year’s staff.

From our first issue that took eight hours to publish to this very last one, Synapse was committed to you every step of the way—I’m confident it will continue to do this next year.

I’m looking forward to see the new goals Synapse will accomplish and to read the inspiring stories of our state’s communities.

I’m excited to introduce Lily Lou, editor-in-chief for 2017-18, who will continue to deliver those longform stories you love.

Best wishes,

Camila Molina
Editor-in-chief 2016-17

Dear readers,

I love working at Synapse because it gives me a platform to share interesting and meaningful stories. Because it is online, there are infinite possibilities for storytelling. This year, we’ve tackled personal essays on Betty White and intergenerational friendships, opinion columns on being Black in America and a story about an UNC alumnus who ran seven marathons on seven continents within seven days. Next year, I’d like to continue publishing interesting, high-quality stories, specifically focusing on four goals:

Growing Synapse’s audience. Because the internet is so big, it’s easy to get lost in it and to lose track of where to get your news. I hope to keep readers engaged and returning to Synapse’s website to read more stories. I also want to spread the word of what Synapse is so that readers beyond Chapel Hill can discover it.

Engaging Synapse’s audience. Similar to growing Synapse’s audience, I want to provide more opportunities for readers to give feedback, whether it’s through comments on stories, letters to the editor or submitting pitches.

Encouraging different perspectives. My third goal is encouraging people from different backgrounds to join Synapse, not just those with strong backgrounds in journalism. With more diversity, I believe that we can tell stories that better represent the communities we’re reporting on.

Telling stories in new ways. Whether it’s through interactive stories using computer programming or photo essays, I want to engage readers and to make use of Synapse’s online medium to tell stories in a new and innovative way. Because Synapse is not following a traditional news cycle, I think this gives Synapse a unique opportunity to experiment with new methods of telling high-quality stories.