Looking forward to 2016-17

Dear readers,

It’s hard to believe Synapse is another year older. The 2015-16 staff has worked tirelessly to seek and share stories of triumph, frustration and curiosity, all in the unique and engaging longform you love. We’ve produced and incorporated more multimedia content than we ever have, culminating in a custom web redesign this February that maximizes the publication’s cost-effectiveness. And this year’s successes are only a launch pad for the next.

To this year’s staff, congratulations on all your efforts. To our graduating seniors, the best of luck. I cannot thank this group of students, our professors and of course, you our readers, enough for an incredible experience. Without further ado, I am ecstatic to introduce Synapse’s next editor, Camila Molina.

Amy Tsai
Editor-in-chief, 2015-16


2016-17 Platform by Camila Molina

For Synapse’s fourth year of publication I’m excited to continue to share the captivating stories of our community by introducing new projects. I’d like to continue previous efforts in defining Synapse’s style, content and digital sustainability. To accomplish this, I’m creating new editor positions and challenging our next staff to explore an investigative style of journalism that has the potential to flourish in our longform space.

Introduce investigative journalism
Synapse will seek investigative pieces that a college publication can realistically produce. Depending on the leads that we would like to pursue, we will have staff workshops on how to access public documents and how to best interpret data. These stories will be on off-campus issues.

Improve visual variety

Story packages are engaging. We will complement our longform copy with photos, infographics and videos. Standalone pieces such as photo stories and documentary-style videos will also be pursued.

Host workshops

We will have at least one workshop per semester to address skills, such as writing, editing, photographing and designing, that we want to improve. We can invite professors from the Media and Journalism School or professional journalists.

Audience interaction
Synapse will introduce a mechanism for readers to comment on stories and give feedback. The Publicity Manager will develop yearlong strategy to best to reach readers on and off campus.

Hire management
I will be looking to hire the following positions for Synapse’s 2016-17 leadership team:

Managing Editor — Responsible for assisting the editor to set deadlines, edit drafts and co-lead staff meetings. Other responsibilities include assisting staffers with resources and reporting limitations.
Art Director — Responsible for maintaining the magazine’s style, providing guidance to designers on projects, editing content produced by designers and photographers.
Copy Chief — Responsible for checking AP Style, grammar, punctuation and accuracy on final drafts. A long term project includes developing an in-house style guide with the editor and managing editor to establish consistency. The Copy Chief will also be responsible for recruiting two to three copy editors.
Publicity Manager — Responsible for managing Synapse’s social media accounts, planning promotional events, recruiting new staff and developing a marketing strategy to deliver content to readers on and off campus.

If you’re interested in applying to be on next year’s staff, contact synapseunc@gmail.com for more information.