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April Issue

Who we are

Synapse is a student-run digital magazine at UNC-Chapel Hill, founded to fill the void of thoughtful enterprise and investigative journalism in our community.

Every month, a new issue of Synapse will be available online, iPad and iPhone.

By removing ourselves from the daily news cycle, we are able to focus solely on producing longform stories, interactive graphics and captivating photos and videos. And our digital-only format allows us to create a news experience that engages you, our reader, in the content.

Each issue will bring a mixture of hard-hitting news, data-driven analyses and riveting feature stories. We hope these pieces will prove thought-provoking, and ultimately foster conversation about the issues, people and events that matter to the UNC community.


Meet the team

Amy Tsai


Danielle Herman

Managing Editor

Carolyn Bahar

Art Director

Kammy Liu

Head Programmer

Hannah Shaw

Publicity Manager

Emily Gregorie


Sara Morris


Sarah Leck


Conner Elledge


Camila Molina

Staff Writer

Rachel Herzog

Staff Writer

Jenn Morrison

Staff Writer

Zoe Schaver

Staff Writer

Olivia Lanier

Staff Writer

Ashlen Renner

Staff Writer

Hannah Webster

Staff Writer

Whitney Harris

Staff Writer

Rupali Srivastava

Staff Writer

Jane Little

Junior Writer


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